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With our optimized nucleic acid extraction, DNA/RNA quantitation, automated library preparation, NGS library QC prep kits and technical expertise, you have an ally who understands your underlying science and can provide the solutions that address the full breadth of your scientific requirements-all from a single-source who delivers the application support you need to be productive right from the start.

Applications Support - From Extraction to Analysis

  • Nucleic acid isolation
  • Whole genome sequencing
  • Exome sequencing
  • Targeted amplicon sequencing
  • Transcriptomics
  • Epigenomics
  • cfDNA research
  • PCR/qPCR
  • Genotyping
  • CRISPR edited genomes
  • Microbiome research/metagenomics
  • Plant genomics

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures


Automated Nucleic Acid Isolation

With vast experience in research applications for Human Genetics, Biobanking, HLA Typing and Pathogen Detection, we have developed high-end solutions for nucleic acid isolation from multiple sample types, providing

  • Ready to use DNA/RNA in high yields and purity – suitable for sensitive research downstream applications like NGS, MLPA, chip based assays, Genotyping and many more
  • Up to 50 µg DNA/ml blood
  • High throughput, fast processing times – 1-96 samples/run, 10 µl – 10 ml sample vol. in 60 min.

The isolation of high-quality nucleic acids from various sample material is a key component of today’s molecular testing methods.

Our high-performance solutions consisting of chemagic instruments and kits provide an innovative and efficient answer for this challenge. chemagic kits enable the specific binding of DNA and RNA from a huge variety of different sample materials, like whole blood, serum/plasma and saliva, facilitating high yield and purity.

The separation of nucleic acid target molecules (genomic DNA, total RNA, pathogen DNA/RNA or even circulating cell-free DNA) is achieved through proprietary chemagen technology. chemagen technology captures nucleic acids by highly specific binding M-PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) magnetic beads that are thereafter attracted to metal rods, that have been magnetized by an electromagnet. While these magnetized rods transfer the nucleic acids bound to the particles through the different process solutions, the rod rotation switches on after deactivation of the electromagnet, which leads to efficient and homogeneous resuspension of the particles during the preparation steps. This results in cross-contamination-free, high-yield purity DNA/RNA and success in the following downstream applications.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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DNA 和 RNA 分析

Microfluidic Electrophoresis Analysis

The LabChip® GX Touch microfluidics technology is an unparalleled electrophoresis platform that offers high sensitivity nucleic acid analysis including: gDNA and RNA integrity assessment, library preparation quality assurance, and PCR fragment sizing and quantitation. Used in many applications including cell free DNA research, CRISPR modelling, and PCR-free library preparation, the LabChip GX Touch system quantifies DNA at concentrations as low as 2pg/uL.

  • Flexible throughput - from 1 to 384 samples per run
  • Reusable chips - up to 2000 samples
  • Choice of data output - electropherogram, virtual gel and data table format
  • Easy to use software - 21 CFR Part 11 compliant and IQ/OQ installation available

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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Do you need to minimize errors, reduce hands-on time, or increase your throughput when performing library preparation? With a portfolio of dedicated workstations offering a choice of pipetting heads, gripper options and application accessories, we offer flexibility in throughput, capacity and dynamic volume range to meet any of your NGS needs.

We collaborate with the leading library prep kit vendors to deliver robust automation solutions for the protocols you are using today or may need in the future. With over 85 of the most frequently used library prep protocols currently programmed on our NGS workstations, you can have your lab’s library prep automated in as little as a week.

  • Over 85 automated library prep protocols are available and more are being developed to future-proof your automated library preparation
  • Avoid sample tracking errors and sample-to-sample variability
  • Construct between 8 - 96 libraries/day
  • Our expert applications team can assist you with support and training to get your lab running more efficiently

For research use only. Not for use with diagnostic applications.

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NGS 建库试剂盒

NEXTflex® library preparation kits are designed to reduce bias and increase the sensitivity, flexibility, and speed of library prep for both Illumina® and Ion Torrent sequencing platforms. An extensive selection of NEXTflex single index and dual index barcoded adapters is available to meet your specific multiplexing needs. Automation protocols for the PerkinElmer® Sciclone® NGS Workstation are available for many of the NEXTflex library prep kits for labs requiring higher sample throughput, reduced hands-on time, greater reproducibility, or improved process control.

For research use only. Not for use with diagnostic procedures.

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