Make the most of all the data your lab generates. TIBCO Spotfire® is the industry standard for smarter, faster analytics, deepening scientific insights and increasing researcher productivity.

From interactive dashboards and visualizations to predictive analytics, our unified, centrally-managed platform provides insights across:

  • Research: Leverage the full power of multivariate data analytics. Easily mashup gene expression data, biological assay results, high content imaging , and chemical SARs.
  • Clinical: Build robust analytic solutions without delay using data from multiple disparate clinical development systems.
  • Personalized and Precision Medicine: Enable rapid interrogation of novel hypotheses. Easily combine clinical data, research, and translational data.
  • Manufacturing: Optimize manufacturing processes; geometrically increase product sensitivity and repeatability.
  • Sales and Marketing: Run more effective marketing campaigns and provide powerful marketing analytics.

Featured Resources

Webinar: Increasing the Efficiency of Managing, Sharing and Analyzing SEND Studies

The Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC) developed the Study Data Tabulation Model (SDTM) for clinical studies to outline an accepted standard for the structure and content of these datasets.

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Webinar: Configure Your Data Analytics Workflows for Faster Biomarker Discovery

Actionable biomarkers can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful product launch in the Pharmaceutical industry.

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