Ensure better background with our low-bleed injection port septa for gas chromatography analyses. Choose from two types of septa: green and orange.

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Rubber insert for injection cap

Injection Cap Rubber Insert / 100

Rubber septa for use with our 20 mL glass vials for liquid scintillation counting.
Injection cap with rubber insert

Injection Cap, 100/PK

For internal standardization method or bioluminescence studies. This cap allows direct injection of a liquid by means of a syringe through a center hole on the cap and a rubber septum with PTFE lining. For use with 20 mL glass (part number 6000128) or plastic (part number 6001085) vials.

PTFE-Silicone Injector Septa, 11mm diameter, Pkg 50

PerkinElmer offers a range of Injector Septa for Gas Chromatography AutoSystem, including 11mm diameter PTFE-Silicone Injector Septa.

11 mm, Thermogreen Injector Septa (50/pack)

This green septum is a replacement part for the Capillary Injector.

Advanced Green Injector Port Septa, 11 mm (50/pack)

Our Green Injection septum, extremely low bleed over a wide range of inlet temperatures – 100 °C to 350°C. Easier needle penetration and high puncture tolerance make this septum ideal for autosamplers. This septum is already conditioned and ready to use.

BTO (Bleed Temperature Optimized) Injector Port Septa, 11 mm (50/pack)

BTO injector port septa are ideal for today's most demanding GC and GCMS applications. Rated to 400°C, this septa is formulated to extend low-bleed and has outstanding mechanical properties of premium GC septa to perform with even the highest-temperature applications. It retains remarkable softness and pierceability at high temperatures, with extremely low bleed, and has been optimized to reduce injection port adhesion.

"进样端口隔垫" 1-1010 产品与服务