这种cell::explorer gene pro集成式解决方案设计旨在增加基因组学工作流程中的效率 并减少移液变化性,比如:

  • 完整的基因分型流程
  • RNA药物开发
  • RNAi筛查
  • DNA提取
  • NGS





Fully Integrated Automated Genotyping

This custom solution offers completely walk-away automation for DNA extraction, DNA normalization, PCR plate preparation and real-time PCR with fully integrated data tracking and report generation.

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High-throughput, High Content RNAi Screening

This custom fully integrated RNAi screening system is designed to screening of a 100,000 well compound library within a single run and fits into a space restricted environment.

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RNA-based High-throughput Expression Analysis Workstation

This custom laboratory workstation was designed to automate real-time PCR to facilitate high throughput expression analysis.

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Cell Line Screening and Cherry Picking

This integrated robotic system consists of two integrated workstations; one for screening and one subsequent picking of antibody-producing hybridoma cells.

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Gene Expression Analysis and High Content Screening (HCS)

Today’s academic researcher requires a flexible screening platform to support multiple microplate formats, liquid volume transfer and different read-out methods. For novel systems biology, cancer research and pathway analysis, a platform that supports multiple detection methods and complete automation enables researchers to generate better data results and make more confident decisions.

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