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Fast, precise, and cost-effective targeted molecular karyotyping

BACs are Bacterial Artificial Chromosomes, large cloned sequences of human DNA typically 170,000 bases long. BAC probes have long been used for FISH. The BACs-on-Beads® technology uses probes generated from selected BACs immobilized onto Luminex® xMAP® encoded beads. The resulting bead sets are used to assay chromosomal gains and losses from minute sample amounts with high throughput. BACs-on-Beads analysis comprises hybridization of DNA sample sequences to BAC-derived probes representing the identified target regions. Samples are enzymatically labeled with biotin, and after hybridization in a 96-well plate a fluorescent streptavidin-phycoerythrin reporter is bound to the biotin label. Male and female reference DNA is also hybridized and the fluorescence ratio between each sample and reference DNA are compared to provide a clear display of any copy number changes in the targeted regions. Sample labeling is done enzymatically, which provides significant amplification of samples down to 100-200 ng.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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KaryoLite BoBs® Kit

KaryoLite BoBs*用于在单个分析中检测全部24条染色体中臂特异性非整倍体,仅限研究用。产品涵盖1-22号、X和Y所有染色体的p和q臂(近端着丝染色体中为q臂)

Constitutional BoBs® Kit

产前 BoBsTM 用于检测染色体非整倍体和基因微缺失.产前 BoBsTM 是一种简便可靠的分析, 有着非常明显的优点: 如样本处理简单, 所需样本量小, 结果报告时间短, 相对于目前临床应用的细胞遗传学和分子遗传学实验的检出率较高等

CGX Onco Arrays (outside USA) Onco (2 pack)

CGX™ Onco阵列是由Signature Genomics设计、开发和验证的研究微阵列,专门用于白血病和淋巴瘤等造血系统疾病相关小基因畸变、以及实体瘤相关基因的检测。

CGX Onco Arrays (outside USA) Onco (4 pack)

CGX™ Onco阵列是由Signature Genomics设计、开发和验证的微阵列,专门用于白血病和淋巴瘤等造血系统疾病相关小基因畸变、以及实体瘤相关基因的检测。

CGX Oligo Arrays (outside USA)

CGX Oligo阵列是由Signature Genomics设计、开发和验证的微阵列,专门用于研究应用中与学习障碍以及畸形特征相关小遗传畸变的检测。

"细胞遗传学试剂 - 研究" 1-55 产品与服务