PerkinElmer Expands Presence in Taiwan

May 26, 2016

Taipei Customer Center

In a sign of its deepening commitment to Taiwan and the Asia-Pacific region broad base of public, private, and academic customers in Taiwan, PerkinElmer recently opened an expanded Customer Knowledge Center in Taipei. The state-of-the-art facility features innovative detection and analytical instruments and will provide instrument demonstrations, sample analysis, application testing, method development, education, and training in food safety, environmental testing, and industrial applications to a growing list of clients that include academic institutions, government agencies, foundations, and large corporations.

"Opening this new Taipei Customer Knowledge Center in an area where many of Taiwan's technology industry is situated is a strategic investment that enables us to further connect with our customers and partners," Nam-Hoon Kim, Vice President and General Manager of Global Sales and Service, said at the May 26, 2016 ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by more than 70 guests from the environmental, chemicals, and semiconductor testing industries and academia, along with President of PerkinElmer's Environmental Health business, Jon DiVincenzo, and company representatives from the Asia-Pacific region. "We look forward to sharing our products, services and expertise with them and delivering the tools and knowledge to help them facilitate better outcomes in environmental health."

PerkinElmer has had a presence in Taiwan since 1991. In addition to the new Taipei facility, the company also maintains an office in Kaohsiung and employees throughout north, central, and south Taiwan. The company offers analytical instruments, laboratory equipment, supplies and software, along with technical support, maintenance services, and integrated laboratory workflow solutions to a wide variety of customers spanning electronics, semiconductors, petrochemicals, food, materials engineering, chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, inspections, biotechnology, medical, and other industries.

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