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Case Studies and White Papers

phenotypic drug discovery

Phenotypic Drug Discovery with High Content Screening

Today’s drug discovery strategies require candidate compounds to fail early and cheaply in the discovery stage, rather than late and expensively in the clinical phase. This white paper explains why phenotypic and target-based approaches are being combined, some challenges of phenotypic assays, and how to maximize the return on your phenotypic assays.

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Inhibition of MicroRNA

Inhibition of MicroRNA Sensitizes 3D Breast Cancer Microtissues to Radiation Therapy

This case study describes an investigation by scientists at the Helmholtz Center Munich into the radiosensitizing potential of miR-21 down-regulation, using 3D breast cancer microtissues. To analyze the impact of radiation on microtissue growth, researchers used the Operetta® High Content Imaging System and Harmony® High Content Imaging and Analysis Software.

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B Cell Selection

B Cell Selection and Therapeutic Antibody Characterization Using the Operetta High Content Imaging System

This case study illustrates how researchers at AIMM Therapeutics, including Dr. Mark Kwakkenbos and Dr. Pauline van Helden, use PerkinElmer’s High Content Imaging solutions to generate therapeutic antibodies against C. difficile infection, the most common cause of healthcare-associated diarrhea that can develop in patients after hospitalization and treatment with antibiotics.

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Phenotypic Characterization

Phenotypic Characterization of Mitochondria in Breast Cancer Cells Using Morphology and Texture Properties

In this case study, Dr. Chris Bakal and Dr. Julia Sero from the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) in London have validated the use of advanced morphological and texture analysis features in the Columbus™ Image Data Storage and Analysis System to quantify the effects of chemotherapeutic compounds on mitochondria morphology in breast cancer cells.

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Combining Promega HaloTag

Combining Promega HaloTag® Technology with PerkinElmer High Content Imaging Systems

Promega Corporation’s HaloTag® platform offers interchangeable labeling, high sensitivity and low background levels and is an ideal tool for high content assays. Combining this technology with the Opera® High Content Screening System and Operetta® High Content Imaging System allows high-quality live-cell imaging with exceptionally low phototoxicity on a large scale, enabling the generation of unbiased statistically relevant data sets.

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