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Opera Phenix Application Notes

Measuring FRET

Measuring FRET Using the Opera Phenix High Content Screening System: A High Throughput Assay to Study Protein-Protein Interactions

Fundamental processes in living cells, such as apoptosis and signal transduction are controlled by proteins, often acting in concert with other protein partners through protein-protein interactions (PPIs). Inappropriate protein-protein recognition can fundamentally contribute to many diseases, including cancer. Therefore, inhibiting protein-protein interactions represents an emerging area in drug design.

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Imaging Bile Canaliculi

Imaging Bile Canaliculi in 3D Liver Microtissues Using the Opera Phenix High Content Screening System

Analyzing transport of biliary metabolites is essential to predict pharmacokinetics and hepatotoxicity during drug development. However, the artificial models currently used for studying efflux transporter function lack the functional complexity of the natural liver environment. This application note shows how a high content assay was established in a complex 3D organotypic in vitro liver model system.

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High Content Screening

Phenotypic Profiling of Autophagy Using the Opera Phenix High-Content Screening System

One of the most important processes involved in maintaining homeostasis is autophagy, the process of degrading cellular components such as lipids, large protein complexes or even whole organelles via the lysosomal route and altered autophagy is found in various pathological conditions.

In this application note, we validate a phenotypic image and data analysis workflow provided by Harmony® High Content Imaging and Analysis and High Content Profiler software using an autophagy assay as an application example.

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