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ValiScreen Adenosine A3 (human) cell line

Our stable recombinant ValiScreen cell lines express a variety of GPCRs for binding and functional assays.

部件号 ES-012-C





Restriction for product sale could exist in some countries.

详情 信息

Stable recombinant cell line expressing the Adenosine, A3 receptor. Human recombinant, in CHO-K1 host cell. We provide: Two vials of the recombinant cell line as frozen cells; Detailed product information including sequence, cell line properties, culture conditions, pharmacological properties of the recombinant receptor in binding and functional assays (cAMP). In addition, for total reasurance, we will provide up to two free replacements within in a 2 year period should you accidently lose your cell line.

In our ""standard"" cell lines where clonal selection is carried out with receptor binding: high and low expressors are then tested and selected for optimal binding and functional response according to the receptor specific transduction pathway.

Restriction for product sale could exist in some countries.


检测目标类 GPCR
检测目标类型 Cell line
检测验证 Binding, cAMP, GTPγS
G-Alpha天然受体 Gi/Go
宿主细胞 CHO-K1
产品品牌名称 ValiScreen
受体类型 Adenosine
第二信使释放 cAMP, GTP exchange
运输条件 干冰
治疗领域 Central Nervous System, Cardiovascular, Inflammation, Metabolic
产品尺寸 5 million cells