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AlphaScreen SureFire Total p70 S6K Assay Kit - 50,000 Points

The AlphaScreen® SureFire® total p70 S6K assay is a sandwich immunoassay for quantitative detection of p70 S6K (both phosphorylated and non-phosphorylated) in cellular lysates using Alpha Technology. This assay is intended to be used as a normalization for phosphorylation studies. Please note that an AlphaScreen Protein A kit, which contains the Alpha Beads necessary to run this assay, needs to be purchased separately in addition to the AlphaScreen SureFire kit.


500 assay points
10,000 assay points
50,000 assay points




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Alpha SureFire® kits can be used for:

  • Cellular kinase assays
  • Receptor activation studies
  • Screening


  • The HV 96-well kits contain enough reagents to run 100 wells in 96-well format, using a 50 µL reaction volume.
  • The 500 point kit contains enough reagents to run 500 wells in 384-well format, using an 11 µL reaction volume.
  • The 10,000 point kit contains reagents to run 10,000 wells in 384-well format, using an 11 µL reaction volume.
  • The 50,000 point kit contains enough reagents to run 50,000 wells in 384-well format, using an 11 µL reaction volume.

In the AlphaScreen® SureFire® assay, Donor beads are coated with streptavidin to capture one of the antibodies, which is biotinylated. Acceptor beads are coated with Protein A to immobilize the other antibody. In the presence of target protein, the two antibodies bring the Donor and Acceptor beads close together, generating signal. The amount of light emission is directly proportional to the amount of protein present in the sample.


分析途径 PI3K/Akt/mTOR
检测目标 p70 S6K
检测目标类 Protein
自动化兼容 Yes
检测方法 Alpha
实验类型 In vitro
产品品牌名称 AlphaScreen SureFire
运输条件 蓝冰
Target Species Human
产品尺寸 50,000 assay points
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Quick Guide to AlphaScreen SureFire Assay Optimization

Screening kinase activities in cell-based assays offers advantages over the more traditional biochemical approach of using a purified recombinant enzyme to phosphorylate a substrate, since a cell-based assay gives information on a compound’s activity in a more biological context. However, getting initial results with the AlphaScreen® SureFire® assay is highly dependent on optimal cell culture conditions, and often requires that multiple parametersbe optimized in the first set of experiments.

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Cell lines validated for use with AlphaScreen® SureFire® kits

Cell lines validated for use with AlphaScreen® SureFire® kits



Protocol for AlphaScreen® SureFire® Total p70 S6K Assay Kits

General Information on the AlphaScreen® SureFire® Total p70S6K assay,The AlphaScreen® SureFire® Total p70S6K assay is used to measure endogenous p70S6K in cellular lysates. The assay is an ideal system for the screening of both modulators of receptor activation (e.g. agonists and antagonists) as well as agents acting intracellularly, such as small molecule inhibitors of upstream events. The assay will measure Total p70S6K by either cloned or endogenous receptors, and can be applied to primary cells.

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