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IL-17A (serum) (mouse) AlphaLISA Detection Kit, 500 Assay Points

AlphaLISA no-wash immunoassay kit for detection and quantitation of mouse IL-17 (IL-17A homodimer) in serum, cell culture supernatants, and other samples.


For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

100 assay points
500 assay points
5,000 assay points




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  • Our HV (100 assay point) kits allow you to run 100 wells in 96-well format, using a 100 µL reaction volume (10 µL of sample).
  • Our 500 assay point kit allows you to run 500 wells in 96-well or 384-well format, using a 50 µL reaction volume (5 µL of sample).
  • Our 5,000 assay point kit allows you to run 5,000 wells in 96-well or 384-well format, using a 50 µL reaction volume (5 µL of sample).




  • No-wash steps, no separation steps
  • ELISA alternative technology
  • Sensitive detection
  • Broad sample compatibility
  • Small sample volume
  • Results in less than 3 hours
  • Half the time of an ELISA assay


Interleukin-17 (IL-17), a pro-inflammatory cytokine produced in large amounts exclusively by T cells, is part of a family of at least six members (IL-17 A to F) of the IL-17 family. IL-17A is a glycosylated homodimeric protein composed of two 133 amino acid A chains bound by two disulfide bonds. It acts on fibroblasts and macrophages by binding to its receptors to induce the secretion of other pro-inflammatory mediators such as TNF-?, IL-1?, IL-6, IL-8. IL-17 plays critical roles in autoimmune conditions such as lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, inflammatory bowel disease, multiple sclerosis, and inflammatory skin diseases. As such, inhibitors have been developed as possible treatments for many of these diseases. IL-17 is also a target for anti-inflammatory therapies to improve recovery post-stroke and to reduce the development of skin cancer. The present kit permits the detection of mouse IL-17A homodimer (i.e. analyte) in mouse serum, plasma, and cell culture supernatants.


AlphaLISA technology allows the detection of molecules of interest in a no-wash, highly sensitive, quantitative assay. In an AlphaLISA assay, a biotinylated anti-analyte antibody binds to the Streptavidin-coated Donor beads while another anti-analyte antibody is conjugated to AlphaLISA Acceptor beads. In the presence of the analyte, the beads come into close proximity. The excitation of the Donor beads causes the release of singlet oxygen molecules that triggers a cascade of energy transfer in the Acceptor beads, resulting in a sharp peak of light emission at 615 nm.


检测目标 IL17A
检测目标类 Cytokine
自动化兼容 Yes
检测方法 Alpha
实验类型 In vitro
产品品牌名称 AlphaLISA
运输条件 蓝冰
Target Species Mouse
治疗领域 Inflammation
产品尺寸 500 assay points