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AlphaScreen cAMP Detection Kit, 10,000 assay points

AlphaScreen no-wash assay kit for quantitative detection of cAMP.




部件号 产品尺寸
6760635D 1,000 assay points
6760635M 10,000 assay points
6760635R 50,000 assay points



AlphaScreen no-wash assay kit for quantitative detection of cAMP. In this AlphaScreen competition assay, a biotinylated cAMP tracer binds to Streptavidin-coated Donor beads, and interacts with anti-cAMP antibody conjugated to AlphaScreen Acceptor beads. When no cAMP is present, the beads come into close proximity. The excitation of the Donor beads triggers the release of singlet oxygen molecules, which diffuse to the Acceptor beads, resulting in light emission at 520-620 nm. With increasing concentrations of endogenous cAMP, fewer Donor and Acceptor beads are brought together, resulting in a decrease in signal.


This kit contains enough reagents to run 1,000 wells using a 25 µL reaction volume. Protocol can be found on the Certificate of Analysis.



This product replaces 6760625M.


免责声明:  For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


检测目标 cAMP
自动化兼容 Yes
产品品牌名称 AlphaScreen
包装量 1.0 per pack
第二信使释放 cAMP
运输条件 蓝冰
产品尺寸 10,000 assay points


资源类型 文件名 文件格式
产品手册 Alpha product listing PDF  124 KB
操作手册 AlphaScreen cAMP User Manual PDF  1 MB
应用文献 Functional GPCR Studies Using AlphaScreen cAMP Detection Kit PDF  2 MB
活动 Society of Laboratory Automation & Screening (SLAS)