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ASX-1600 Autosampler - CETAC 90 Position Rack (6)

The ASX-1600 Homogenizing Autosampler is designed for oil sample analysis for wear metals that contain particulate matter which settles prior to analysis. Sample rack not included.

部件号 N0777687





详情 信息

This ASX-1600 Autosampler, configured for use with six 90-position CETAC racks, incorporate a simple stirring paddle to homogenize each sample automatically prior to analysis. Variable speed control ensures proper mixing of the samples and more precise results.

It includes:

  • 6 each 90 position sample racks with full set of 7 mL vials
  • 10 standard locations with 50 mL vials included
  • Filtered stainless steel sample probe
  • Rinse pump: 3-channel Peristaltic pump
  • Interface connect cables (DB9 & USB)
  • Miscellaneous tubing used for operation
  • Power supply with US, UK & European plugs


型号兼容 ASX-1600
产品品牌名称 Teledyne CETAC
产品组 Autosamplers
Type Accessories