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D- (+) Biotin, [3H(G)]-

Biotin, also known as Vitamin H or B7 is an important cofactor responsible for carbon dioxide transfer in several carboxylase enzyme reactions. This product will replace our current version of tritiated biotin, NET721 in late 2012.

部件号 NET1215250UC





详情 信息

Biotin, also known as Vitamin H or B7, is a water-soluble vitamin that helps convert food into energy. In addition to this, it also influences cell growth, affects amino acids involved in protein synthesis, and is involved in various metabolic reactions involved in the transfer of carbon dioxide.

Biotin is widely used to conjugate proteins in biochemical assays. Proteins of interest are biotinylated and the high affinity of biotin for streptavidin is exploited as the target molecular interaction for these biochemical assays. This approach is especially advantageous in the research of biosensors and cell sorting.


浓度 1 mCi/mL
检测方法 Radiometric
标签位置 Generally Labeled
分子量 244.3
产品品牌名称 NEN Radiochemicals
放射性同位素 H-3
放射性核素 3H
运输条件 干冰
特殊订购信息 This is a radioactive product - shipping address must have a license to receive radioactive materials.
产品尺寸 250 µCi
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Using the NENSure Packaging System from PerkinElmer

Since 1985, the unique NENSure system has set the standard for radiochemical packaging. Based on proven performance over millions of shipments, the system provides: Ease of use, Safe storage of unused product and Reduced radiation exposure. Many NEN brand research products, including 32P-, 33P-, 35S-, 3H-, 14C- and 125I-labeled compounds, are packaged in the NENSure System, as are most radionuclides.

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