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Cap and Butyl Rubber Stopper Septa for Headspace Vials pack of 1000

Butyl Rubber Stoppers create a gas-tight seal for improved stability.

部件号 N9303350





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We offer a variety of GC headspace vials, caps and septa to fulfil your application needs. Our patented vial and cap design incorporates pressure-relief features which guarantee safe operation with the high pressure typically developed during thermostatting. Ordinary vials and caps without these safety features may burst. All of our headspace vials have a greater wall thickness and round base which enables them to withstand pressure up to 60 psig. Low-volume sampling can be achieved by using a 6 mL vial and vial adapter. All PerkinElmer headspace vials are manufactured to specific tolerances that are guaranteed for fit and performance.


帽和载波风格 Crimp Top
颜色 Gray
内径 20 mm
材料 Butyl (gray) Stopper
产品组 Cap/Septa
类型 Crimp Top
技术类型 Headspace