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Chromium-51 Radionuclide, 1mCi (37MBq), Sodium Chromate in Normal Saline (pH 8-10), Steri-packaged




部件号 产品尺寸
NEZ030S001MC 1 mCi
NEZ030S002MC 2 mCi
NEZ030S005MC 5 mCi
NEZ030S010MC 10 mCi



Chromium-51 is the most commonly used readioactive marker for the labeling of target cells in cytotoxicity assays. The common name for such assays Chromium Release also describes the fundamental method behind the assay procedure. Methods for the precise and accurate quantification of cytotoxicity are of fundamental importance in immunology particularly for the study of tumor and virus cytolysis.
Cytotoxicity assays can be used in order to study either the defense mechanism in a specific patient or to study target cells, depending on whether the effector (or killer) cells are the unknowns. It can also be used for the study of certain drugs on the immune system.
Chromium fulfills the requirement of a good label. It is generally non-toxic (as Na2CrO4), it is easily taken up by the cells, it is spontaneously released only in relatively small amounts, its detection is easy and sensitive and it does not change the morphology and characteristics of the target cell.


浓度 1 mCi/mL
检测方法 Radiometric
新鲜的很多天 Every other Friday
半衰期 27.71 days
标签位置 Specifically Labeled
放射性同位素 Cr-51
放射性核素 51Cr
运输条件 环境
特殊订购信息 This is a radioactive product - shipping address must have a license to receive radioactive materials.
产品尺寸 1 mCi


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指南 Carbon-14 Handling Precautions PDF  102 KB
指南 Chromium-51 Handling Precautions PDF  107 KB
产品手册 Radiometric Reagents Guide 2010-2011 PDF  2 MB