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Deepwell LumaPlate-384, White, 60µl, Case of 50

The Deepwell LumaPlate™-384 is a solid scintillator coated, 384-well microplate that eliminates the need for adding liquid scintillation counting (LSC) cocktail. This deepwell version has a sample working volume of 100 µL.

部件号 6007630





详情 信息

PerkinElmer's uniquely designed LumaPlates come in 96-well (shallow or deepwell) and 384-deepwell format. The LumaPlate is a solid scintillator coated microplate that eliminates the need for adding LSC cocktail. This one-of-a-kind microplate offers ease of use by not needing to add harsh chemicals and can reduce cost per sample by eliminating reagents costs and reducing waste disposal costs.

Lumaplate is recommended in use of HPLC or ultraPLC fraction analysis in metabolic studies and 51Cr release assays.

Leveraging years of assay and instrument experience in plate detection, PerkinElmer designs better microplates for better performance that guarantees better results for all PerkinElmer applications.


涂层处理 Scintillant
颜色 White
检测方法 HPLC Analysis, Radiometric
材料 Barex
产品品牌名称 LumaPlate
运输条件 环境
产品尺寸 Case of 50
阱数量 384 well plate
阱形状 Deepwell