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LumaPlate-96 DeepWell, White Opaque 96-well Microplate with Scintillant Coated on the Bottom, hold up to 300 µl

The Deepwell LumaPlate-96 is a solid scintillator coated, 96-well microplate that eliminates the need for adding liquid scintillation counting (LSC) cocktail. This deepwell version has a sample working volume of 300 µL.

部件号 6005630





详情 信息

For analysis of non-volatile samples, simply dispense samples into the standard Deepwell LumaPlate wells, dry down and count on a microplate scintillation counter, such as the PerkinElmer TopCount® or MicroBeta®. The LumaPlate's solid scintillator simplifies single and dual label CPM/DPM counting by eliminating variable chemical quench and in addition dramatically reduces total cost per sample. Deepwell LumaPlates™ are particularly suitable for samples produced from 51Cr release assays, enzyme inhibition assays, organic extractions, chromatography fractions, and capillary electrophoresis fractions. Bar coded microplates are also available.

Features & Benefits:

  • Sample volumes of up to 300 µL
  • Very low backgrounds for greater sensitivity
  • High counting efficiency for greater sensitivity
  • No variable chemical quench for maximum signal output
  • Easy to use with reproducible results
  • No liquid radioactive waste - reduces disposal costs

Typical Applications:

  • HPLC fraction analysis
  • Larger sample volumes (up to 300 µL)
  • Enzyme inhibition assay
  • 51Cr release assay


自动化兼容 Yes
涂层处理 Scintillant
颜色 White
检测方法 HPLC Analysis, Radiometric
材料 Barex
产品品牌名称 LumaPlate
运输条件 环境
产品尺寸 Case of 50
阱数量 96 well plate
阱形状 Deepwell