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[125I]- Epidermal Growth Factor (h, r), 25 µCi

NEX428 Epidermal Growth Factor is radioiodinated with no carrier added 125I using a lactoperoxidase procedure and is purified by reversed phase HPLC.


5 µCi
25 µCi




详情 信息

We offer radioligands and radiolabeled biomolecules to use as tracers, for radioimmunoassays (RIAs), for autoradiographic visualization, or for performing saturation and competition radioligand binding assays to determine receptor expression levels (Bmax), dissociation constants (Kd), association and dissociation rates (kon and koff), and inhibitor constants (Ki) for a variety of receptors. We develop our radioligands to the highest specific activity possible and provide high purity resulting in low non-specific binding products. Each of our ultra-pure radiolabeled compounds is fully characterized for pharmacological action and validated in binding assays.

Radiochemicals remain the most sensitive method for probing binding biology; yielding unprecedented sensitivity gives results that technicians and scientists can trust. For over 50 years, PerkinElmer has been a leading supplier of New England Nuclear (NEN) radiochemicals, liquid scintillation cocktails, vials and nuclear counting detection instruments.

References for NEX428:

  1. Gosney J.A., Ceresa B.P. (2017) Using Percoll Gradient Fractionation to Study the Endocytic Trafficking of the EGFR. In: Wang Z. (eds) ErbB Receptor Signaling. Methods in Molecular Biology, vol 1652. Humana Press, New York, NY.


检测方法 Radiometric
新鲜的很多天 Third Monday of each month
标签位置 Nominally Labeled
分子量 6000.0
产品品牌名称 NEN Radiolabeled Ligands
放射性同位素 I-125
放射性核素 125I
受体类型 Epidermal Growth Factor
运输条件 干冰
特殊订购信息 This is a radioactive product - shipping address must have a license to receive radioactive materials.
治疗领域 Cancer
产品尺寸 25 µCi