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EzyFit sample tube, 0.5 mm ID - Quantity 10

Replacement tubing for internal standard kit.

部件号 N0777463





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In-line Standard Additions kits, one which includes a glass mixing chamber/combiner for solutions which do not contain HF and another which includes an inert mixing chamber/combiner. Both kits are completely modular so that damaged or worn components can easily be replaced. The heart of the kit is the mixing chamber/combiner. It is designed for zero dead volume on the input ends which accommodate the sample and addition lines. The output end is designed with a small mixing chamber so that the sample and added reagent are intimately mixed prior to introduction to the nebulizer. All connections to the mixing chamber/combiner use EzyFit connectors. A sampling probe for the reagent addition bottle is included so that it remains well anchored in the bottle. In-line addition of internal standards and ionization buffers provides an efficient means of accurately and precisely dosing all of your samples without extra effort or the risk of error or contamination. Internal standardization is often used to compensate for physical and mass-space interferences in ICP spectrometry. In many cases, it also enhances short-term and long-term reproducibility.


产品品牌名称 EzyFit
产品组 Capillary Assemblies and Tubing