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Genhance 680 Fluorescent Imaging Agent (1mg)

Near-infrared (NIR) fluorescent agent for in vivo imaging and other applications. 

部件号 NEV10117





For laboratory use only. This product is intended for animal research only and not for use in humans.

詳情 信息

Genhance™ 680 is the acid form of VivoTag® 680 that can be used as a control or a fluorescent in vivo blood pool imaging agent. Upon dilution, a 1 mg package of Genhance 680 fluorescent imaging agent provides sufficient reagents for imaging approximately 20 mice (weighing ~25 grams each) when using the recommended dose of 0.05mg/100 µL 1xPBS.

The generally recommended procedure for in vivo imaging with Genhance 680 is administration via tail vein injection and imaging 30 minutes post injection. 


荧光剂类型 Vascular
光学成像分类 Fluorescence Imaging
产品品牌名称 Genhance
运输条件 环境
产品尺寸 1 mg
波长 680 nm