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Standard HGA Graphite Tubes with L'vov Groove, Pkg. 20

Standard pyrocoated graphite tubes are grooved to accept L'vov platforms and are produced in a quality controlled manner to ensure reliable temperature calibration in PerkinElmer graphite furnaces.

部件号 B3001254





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These HGA graphite tubes are pyrocoated to provide improved sensitivity and tube-to-tube reproducibility. They are slotted to accept L'vov platforms, PerkinElmer part number B3001256.

PerkinElmer has over four decades of experience in the design/development of graphite furnace systems and materials. The proper performance, maintenance and serviceability of our graphite furnace systems can be assured only through the use of genuine PerkinElmer supplied graphite components such as these graphite tubes.

The tubes are compatible with PerkinElmer PinAAcle 900H, AAnalyst 700, HGA-900, HGA-800, HGA-700, HGA-600, HGA-300 AA instruments.


产品组 HGA Graphite Tubes
类型 L'vov Groove
技术类型 AA
Type Standard