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Phospho-Src (Tyr419) LANCE Ultra TR-FRET Cellular Detection Kit, 10,000 Assay Points

LANCE Ultra phospho-Src (Tyr419) kits are designed for the detection of Src (phosphorylated at residue Y419) in cell lysates using a simple, homogeneous LANCE Ultra assay (no wash steps). This assay is compatible with both adherent and suspension cells.


For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

500 Assay Points
10,000 Assay Points




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Please note control lysates are NOT included in kits. Control lysates are sold separately, catalog number TRF4018S.


  • Our 500 assay point kit allows you to run 500 wells in 384-well format, using a 20 µL reaction volume.
  • Our 10,000 assay point kit allows you to run 10,000 wells in 384-well format, using a 20 µL reaction volume.

LANCE® and LANCE® (Lanthanide chelate excite) Ultra are homogeneous (no wash) TR-FRET (time-resolved fluorescence resonance energy transfer) technologies. One antibody of interest is labeled with a donor fluorophore (a LANCE Europium chelate) and the second antibody is labeled with an acceptor fluorophore [ULight™ dye]. Upon excitation at 320 or 340 nm, energy can be transferred from the donor Europium chelate to the acceptor fluorophore if sufficiently close for FRET (~10 nm). This results in the emission of light at 665 nm. Data are represented as ratiometric (665/615 nm X 10,000).

Src is a protein tyrosine kinase which is involved in regulating differentiation as well as cell growth. Unusual tumor growth is observed in cancers where Src is activated due to the promotion of cell survival, angiogenesis, proliferation and invasion pathway. Src can be phosphorylated at multiple sites, Phosphorylation at Y419 has been shown to upregulate Src kinase activity.


检测目标 Src
检测目标类 Phosphoprotein
自动化兼容 Yes
检测方法 Time-Resolved Fluorescence (TRF), TR-FRET
产品品牌名称 LANCE Ultra
运输条件 蓝冰
Target Species Human
产品尺寸 10,000 Assay Points