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Modified THGA Graphite Contact Cylinders, 1 Pair

The graphite contact cylinders are engineered for a precise fit so that variations in electrical contact, which might affect the analytical performance, are reduced to a minimum.

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The contacts are modified in the injection port area which helps to minimize condensation and improve analytical performance with difficult matrices (e.g., 2% Ni solutions, edible oils, etc.).

PerkinElmer has over four decades of experience in the design/development of graphite furnace systems and materials. The proper performance, maintenance and serviceability of our graphite furnace systems can be assured only through the use of genuine PerkinElmer supplied graphite components such as these contact cylinders.

Fits PerkinElmer PinAAcle 900T, PinAAcle 900Z, AAnalyst 600, AAnalyst 800, Model 4100ZL, Model 4110ZL, Model 5100ZL, SIMAA 6000 Zeeman AA instruments.


产品组 THGA Graphite Contact Cylinders
技术类型 AA