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Rectangular Sodium Chloride Sealed Cell, Pathlength: 0.025mm

Sodium Chloride (NaCl) - NaCl is one of the most versatile window materials available, due to its spectral range and low cost. Samples should not contain water because NaCl is hygroscopic.

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The sealed liquid cells have a corrosion-resistant construction making them ideal for highly volatile samples. The sealed liquid cells are ideal for quantitative analysis where you require an accurate reproducible cell thickness. These cells use a lead spacer which is amalgamated to the window material. The resultant bond forms a good leak-free seal which is effective in preventing evaporation and loss of sample. The sealed liquid cell is an integral unit and cannot be disassembled. The sample filling orifice is compatible with Luer-Lok hypodermic syringes. Two syringes are recommended when cleaning the cell. Never use viscous materials which are dif cult to remove from a sealed liquid cell. Instead, use a semi-demountable cell.


材料 Sodium Chloride
产品组 Rectangular Cell