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PC3-LT Peltier Cooler Organics Sample Introduction Kit for ELAN 5000/6x00/9000/DRCs

This PC3-LT Peltier cooled inlet system for organics applications, which includes a cassette mount, cyclonic spray chamber, PFA-ST nebulizer, and sapphite injector, is used with ELAN® 5000, 6x00, 9000, DRC II, and DRC-e ICP-MS series instruments.

部件号 N8122452





详情 信息

The PC3 is a small, robust Peltier cooled cyclonic spray chamber. The PC3 offers the advantages of low memory effects, constant temperature, fast rinse-out, and high sample transport efficiency. The cooled outer walls of the PC3 spray chamber enhance long-term signal stability, reduce polyatomic interferences such as oxides, and reduce solvent loading when volatile organic solvents are analyzed. The PC3 has two preset temperatures +2 °C / -5 °C and is ideal for analysis of aqueous or aqueous/organic mixtures. The PC3-LT operates at +2 °C / -20 °C to reduce the solvent load on the plasma for analysis of 100% volatile organic solvents.

The sample introduction kit includes:

  • PC3-LT Peltier Cooler and Power Supply
  • Baffled Cyclonic Spray Chamber
  • Sapphire Convertable Injector for Bayonet/Cassette Torch
  • PFA-ST MicroFlow Nebulizer
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型号兼容 ELAN 5000, ELAN 9000, ELAN DRCs, ELAN 6x00
产品品牌名称 Peltier
产品组 Temperature Controlled Spray Chambers
技术类型 ICP-MS