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Brownlee Pecosphere C18 cartridge column, 33x4.6mm, 3um, 5 pack

Brownlee Pecosphere columns are packed with rugged, high purity silica. Requires holder P/N 07150028

部件号 02580164





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PerkinElmer pioneered the development of Fast HPLC and introduced the popular 3 m particle size “3 x 3” Columns (33 mm x 4.6 mm) in the 1980s. The “3 x 3” columns are capable of very rapid analysis and still they are still very popular in many laboratories because of the economical price and reliable performance. The Pecosphere cartridges are also available 83 mm long “3 x 8” and 150 mm long “3 x 150” columns (4.6 mm ID) for the separation of more complex mixtures.

Pecosphere columns are packed with rugged, high purity silica in 3 m and 5 m particle sizes. These columns are available in 80 Å pore size particles with standard end-capping for the analysis of acidic and neutral analytes and a special end-capped Reduced Activity (RA) version that is especially suited for the analysis basic analytes. There is a large pore (300 Å), non-end-capped, polyfunctional C18 version (HCODS) for the separation of peptides and proteins. In addition the 10 m particles size C18 Scavenger cartridge designed to remove contaminants from the mobile phase when installed prior to the HPLC injector.


内径 4.6 mm
长度 33.0 mm
粒径(0.5-1000) 3.0 µm
阶段 C18
孔径(0.01to​​100) 80.0 Å
产品品牌名称 Pecosphere