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ProxiPlate-384 Plus, White, TC treated, Case of 50

Shallow-well 384-well white tissue culture-treated (TC-treated) microplate for lower volume and increased sensitivity in cell-based assays.




部件号 产品尺寸
6008230 Case of 50
6008238 Case of 160
6008239 Case of 200



The white ProxiPlate™-384 TC microplate contains shallow wells with a total volume of 20 µL, which allows 384-well sample volumes in the 384-well format. The shallow wells position samples much closer to the analyzers detectors, which results in increased counting effciencies. The increased sensitivity can also be used to reduce reagent costs in assays. These plates are manufactured from high-quality, white plastic resin, which reduces autofluorescence and results in low background signals. The pinch bar design facilitates automated processing by robotized systems. PerkinElmer microplates are produced under clean room conditions to reduce dust or other contaminants. Bar coded microplates are available.

Features & Benefits:

  • Unique, shallow wells for increased sensitivity
  • Low reagent volumes for efficient SPAs
  • High-gloss, white surface for excellent reflectivity
  • Footprint conforms to proposed industry standard (SBS)
  • Pinch bar design for optimal robotic processing

Typical Applications:

  • Low volume 96-well applications
  • Scintillation Proximity Assays (SPA)


检测技术 AlphaLISA,AlphaScreen,LANCE,SPA
自动化兼容 Yes
涂层处理 TC-treated, Sterile
颜色 White
检测方法 Time-Resolved Fluorescence (TRF), Luminescence, Alpha, Radiometric
材料 Polystyrene
产品品牌名称 ProxiPlate
产品尺寸 Case of 50
阱数量 384 well plate
阱形状 Shallow-well