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8 mm PTFE/Red Rubber Septa (100/pack)

These vials are custom designed for the AutoSystem GC and tested for exclusive use in the AutoSystem GC. (Not to be used with low-volume insert).

部件号 N9303442





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PerkinElmer offers a variety of caps and septa to fulfil your application needs. Our screw thread vial caps use the revolutionary Inter-Seal®. Using a process that bonds silicone/ PTFE and other elastomeric compounds directly into thermoplastic closures eliminates liner fallout, while still providing the excellent re-sealability and multiple injection capability. No adhesives are used in this process, bonding the cap and septa at the molecular level of plastic and rubber. These septa have a very broad chemical resistance and can be used in many markets including: environmental, diagnostic packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, cosmetic and food packaging.


帽和载波风格 Screw Top
颜色 Silver
内径 8 mm
材料 PTFE/Buytl
产品组 Cap/Septa
类型 Screw Top
技术类型 Autosampler