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Spectroscopy Cell, Macro with PTFE Lid, Quartz SUPRASIL®, Light Path: 100mm

Standard rectangular Macro cells are the most common type of spectroscopy cell and are used for routine UV/VIS analysis. Each cell has a standard inside width of 9.5 mm and a base thickness of 1.5 mm. All Macro cells contain two clear windows.

部件号 B0631012





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The cell windows are fused to the bodies by a special process which avoids deformation of the windows. This assures that the full width of the cell is usable and the nished cell dimensions are maintained. Our cells are manufactured from various types of glass. We offer three basic materials: Special Optical Glass, SUPRASIL® UV Quartz and SUPRASIL 300 NIR Quartz, in all the common sizes and types. The most important criterion for the choice of a particular type of glass is the spectral range for which the cell is intended. Color logos are fused onto each PerkinElmer cell, thus indicating the spectral range over which the cell can be used.


深度 102.5 mm
高度 45.0 mm
光路 100 mm
材料 Quartz SUPRASIL
产品组 Macro Cell with PTFE Lid
体积容量 35 mL
宽度 12.5 mm