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Alpha SureFire Ultra Lysis Buffer (5X) - 10 mL

Additional buffer for Alpha SureFire Ultra assays.




部件号 产品尺寸
ALSU-LB-10ML 10 mL
ALSU-LB-100ML 100 mL



This lysis buffer is already provided in AlphaLISA® SureFire® Ultra™ kits, used in the detection of phosphoproteins in cell lysates. It is being offered as a standalone item, in case of need of replacement or for additional volume. It is intended to be used solely in conjunction with AlphaLISA® SureFire® Ultra™ assays.

Alpha SureFire® Ultra™ Lysis Buffer contains generic phosphatase inhibitors but no protease inhibitors. While we usually do not find protease inhibitors necessary, adding such protease inhibitors at standard concentrations will not interfere with the assay. The Alpha SureFire® Ultra™ Lysis Buffer formulation has been optimized to lyse the cells enough for making accessible the targets to be detected, while not releasing genomic DNA, in order to avoid a too viscous lysate solution that could potentially interfere with the pipetting process. The Alpha SureFire® Ultra™ Lysis Buffer has been developed to be a generally good buffer for all cell types and targets. Other lysis buffers may be tested, if necessary, but assay performance cannot be guaranteed under such conditions.

The AlphaLISA SureFire Ultra Lysis buffer has a different formulation from the AlphaScreen SureFire Lysis Buffer, and should not be used with AlphaScreen SureFire kits.


自动化兼容 Yes
检测方法 Alpha
运输条件 蓝冰
产品尺寸 10 mL


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