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Brownlee Spheri-5 C18 conventional column, 250 x 4.6 mm, 5µm

Brownlee Spheri-5 C18 is based on a small pore silica, mono-functional, optimized for separating small molecules.

部件号 07120016





详情 信息

Brownlee Spheri columns are built on small pore (80 Å) silica in 5 and 10 m particle sizes for analysis of small molecules. These columns are available in three different reverse-phases (C2, C8, C18) and the silica normal phase covers a range of analyte polarities. The Spheri C18 is the most retentive reverse-phase in this family while the C8 is less retentive and can be used for more basic small molecules. Spheri-5 C18 is also available in a monofunctional (comb type) and polyfunctional (ODS) bonding for different analyte selectivities. All Spheri conventional columns are only available in 250 mm length and 4.6 mm i.d.


内径 4.6 mm
长度 250.0 mm
粒径(0.5-1000) 5.0 µm
阶段 C18
孔径(0.01to​​100) 80.0 Å
产品品牌名称 Spheri-5