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Brownlee Spheri-5 RP-18 (C18) cartridge column, 30 x 4.6mm, 5µm, 2 pack

Brownlee Spheri-5 PR18 is based on a small pore silica, monofunctional, optimized for separating small molecules. Requires holder P/N 07150013 without guard column. If a guard column is being used P/N 07150018 and P/N 07150002 will also be required.

部件号 07110013





详情 信息

The Brownlee Spheri line of columns is based on a small-pore (80 Å) silica-based sorbent for optimized for separating small molecules. Spheri-5® columns are based on 5 m particle size silica and Spheri-10® incorporates a 10 m silica particle. Spheri-5 columns are available in both reverse phases (RP-8, RP-18, ODS & Phenyl) and polar normal phases (amino, cyano & silica). The Spheri-5 reverse phase C18 type sorbents are available in a monofunctional combtype (RP-18) and a polyfunctional loop-type (ODS) which provide slight differences in selectivity.


内径 4.6 mm
长度 30.0 mm
粒径(0.5-1000) 5.0 µm
阶段 C18
孔径(0.01to​​100) 80.0 Å
产品品牌名称 Spheri-5