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VivoTag 645 – MAL Fluorochrome (5 mg)

Near-infrared (NIR) fluorescent agent for in vivo imaging and other applications.

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For laboratory use only. This product is intended for animal research only and not for use in humans.

详情 信息

VivoTag® 645-MAL is a thiol (-SH, sulfhydryl) reactive maleimide-containing red fluorochrome for molecular labeling applications. VivoTag 645-MAL Fluorochrome is optimized and integrated for both in vivo and in vitro imaging applications. VivoTag 645-MAL Fluorochrome's superior brightness makes it particularly well suited for the labeling of thiol and cysteine containing molecules for a wide range ofimaging applications. The 645 nm fluorescence wavelength is ideal for biological imaging applications on in vitro and in vivo fluorescence systems. 

VivoTag 645-MAL Fluorochrome available in 5 mg quantity size.


荧光剂类型 Labeling
光学成像分类 Fluorescence Imaging
产品品牌名称 VivoTag
包装量 1.0 Units
运输条件 蓝冰
产品尺寸 5 mg
波长 645 nm
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VivoTag 645 (Protocol)

VivoTag® 645 is a red fluorescent labeling agent containing an N-hydroxysuccinimide (NHS)-ester. Labeling reagents, such as VivoTag 645 reagent, are commonly used for labeling proteins. The NHS ester moiety on VivoTag 645 reacts with amino groups to form amide bonds. Lysines within proteins, including antibodies, are available as targets for this chemical conjugation.,Protein labeling efficiency may vary depending upon the type of protein labeled, so different conjugation ratios may need to be attempted to attain success. For red fluorophore conjugation, ratios of fluorophore to protein of 4:1 have been seen to generate effective imaging agents. Not all antibodies or proteins (independent of target specificity) make good imaging agents, due to long half-lives and/or excessive accumulation in non-target sites.

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