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Western Lightning Plus-ECL, Enhanced Chemiluminescence Substrate (340 mL)

Chemiluminescence reagent for western blotting.




部件号 产品尺寸
NEL103E001EA 30 mL
NEL103001EA 130 mL
NEL104001EA 340 mL
NEL105001EA 680 mL



The Western Lightning™ Chemiluminescence Reagent Plus is a non-radioactive light-emitting system designed to detect proteins immobilized on a membrane. The method provides a sensitivity of 1 - 10 pg of protein and yields fast, permanent, hard copy results on Kodak X-Omat Blue Autoradiography Film or on the Geliance Imaging Systems. Membranes can be stripped and reprobed if stored wet between uses.

Western Lightning PLUS is an enhanced luminol-based substrate for HRP-catalyzed detection. It is an economical choice that provides twice the sensitivity of standard reagents, and up to eight times the sensitivity of some brands. Furthermore, it offers the best signal-to-noise ratio, and generates good results on either PVDF or nitrocellulose membranes.

PerkinElmer guarantees the performance of Western Blot Chemiluminescence Reagent Plus for 12 months from ship date, and unopened reagent can be stored for at least eight weeks at room temperature. This extended shelf life means you can buy and use Western Blot Chemiluminescence Reagent Plus with confidence.


检测方法 Luminescence
产品品牌名称 Western Lightning
运输条件 环境
产品尺寸 340 mL



资源类型 文件名 文件格式
应用文献 A Practical Approach to Cell Signaling Pathway Analysis PDF  1 MB
产品手册 Run On Time With Reliable Western Blotting Performance PDF  5 MB
操作手册 Western Lightning Plus Manual PDF  85 KB