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XenoLight D-Luciferin - K+ Salt Bioluminescent Substrate

Luciferin is essential in performing your bioluminescent assays, and the quality of your research will depend on the quality of your luciferin. Whether used to perform in vitro assays, or to monitor light production in vivo, PerkinElmer’s high quality luciferin is available at an affordable price.

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D-Luciferin is a chemical substance found in the cells of organisms that generate bioluminescence. When luciferin is oxidized under the catalytic effects of firefly luciferase and ATP, light is produced. Luciferin is able to penetrate cell membranes and can be used to monitor activity of cells of interest in vivo that have been transduced to express luciferase. Because the reaction with luciferase is ATP dependent, cellular activity can also be determined.

D-Luciferin bioluminescent substrate has been validated in a number of in vivo biophotonic imaging applications using PerkinElmer's IVIS® Imaging Systems.


荧光素酶分类 Firefly
产品品牌名称 XenoLight
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