Assay development in the drug discovery process is a time intensive process. A major bottleneck within drug discovery is that various steps of the workflow are manual and disjointed. This includes the manual handling of reagents, the back-end data acquisition, as well as analysis and visualization. This means the entire process is prone to error due to manual intervention and multiple software used for planning and analysis.

PerkinElmer has flipped the paradigm and developed an assay development workstation which acts as a single solution for protein-protein interaction (PPI) assay development. The JANUS® G3 Assay Development workstation combines PerkinElmer Signals VitroVivo software, JANUS® liquid handling, and the VICTOR® Nivo Plate Reader to create an automated iterative design process for PPI assay development. This fully integrated solution requires zero programing knowledge and removes the risk associated with assay development using a thorough systematic approach.

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