Cell Counting and Image Cytometry

Nexcelom from PerkinElmer offers a leading portfolio of automated cell counters, image cytometry systems, and cell counting reagents and consumables. Together, they provide a fast, accurate and efficient way to assess cell health and viability, immunophenotyping, and perform a range of other routine cell-based assays.

The systems include the high-throughput, microwell Celigo image cytometry system, the Cellaca MX high-throughput cell counter, the Cellaca PLX image cytometry system, and Cellometer® automated cell counters. The platforms are complemented by a comprehensive range of consumables and reagents, including reagents and kits for cell counting assays and cell viability, microplates, slides, and counting beads.

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Cell Counters & Image Cytometers

Nexcelom’s portfolio includes automated, high-throughput, fluorescent and brightfield cell counters and image cytometers, many with 21 CFR part 11 modules.


Cell Counting Reagents & Consumables

Extend your lab’s capabilities with Nexcelom’s optimized reagents and consumables - plates and slides - to help ensure you get the best results from your image ...