Cell Health & Viability Solutions

Cell health and viability monitoring are used both for fundamental research and drug development to gain an understanding of how and why cells live and die. This is important for determining the cytotoxic effect of drugs and to build essential knowledge of cellular processes such as apoptosis, proliferation, or migration.

We provide an array of research reagents and instruments to help researchers monitor cell health so that, no matter what your specific biological question, we can guide you to the most appropriate technology to provide answers. These technologies include rapid whole-well assessment of ATP-consumption, flow cytometry solutions which aid in unpicking molecular pathways, and image-based assays for phenotypic single cell measurements as end point or kinetic read outs.

Explore our Cell Health & Viability Products

PhenoVue Cell Function Reagents and Kits

Revvity offers a complete suite of cell function reagents and kits for visualizing key cellular events including viability, apoptosis, mitochondrial membrane po ...



Cytotoxicity and cell proliferation assays are commonly used in the drug discovery process to assess a compound’s ability to cause or block a biologic activity ...



Rely on our Chromium-51 (51Cr) release assays for the precise and accurate quantification of cytotoxicity.


Cell Counting & Image Cytometry Reagents and Assays

Discover our range of fluorescent reagents and assay kits for cell counting, cell viability, cell proliferation, apoptosis monitoring and more.


Chemical Probes and Apoptosis Reagents

Studying cell health can assess sample viability, apoptosis pathways, and cell division. BioLegend provides tools to suit these research needs for discovery.