With more than a decade of experience in this field, Revvity provides a portfolio of cellular Imaging products - high-content and live-cell imaging instruments, image analysis software, cell counters, fluorescent probes, microplates, and automation - to help you answer complex biological questions.



High-content analysis and high-content screening systems
Both our Opera Phenix® Plus and Operetta® CLS high-content imaging systems incorporate confocal spinning disk technology and produce images of exceptional quality.

  • Opera Phenix Plus: our premier, high-throughput system, designed for your most demanding high-content applications, including 3D microtissue and spheroid imaging.
  • Operetta CLS: our medium throughput microplate imaging instrument that delivers the speed and sensitivity for everyday assays and more.


Live cell imaging systems
Our MuviCyte live-cell imaging system operates inside your cell-culture incubator to maintain your cells under optimal conditions and performs a wide range of assays.


Cell counters & image cytometers
Nexcelom cell counters & image cytometers provide a fast and efficient way to count cells, assess cell health and viability, perform immunophenotyping, and routine cell imaging assays that don’t require sub-cellular resolution.

Imaging and analysis software
Our software helps you acquire, visualize, analyze and share your image data more effectively and efficiently.

  • Harmony® software: control every aspect of your high-content analysis or screening experiment through a single workflow-based user interface.
  • Signals Image Artist: access, analyze, store, re-analyze, and share image data from all major HCS and cell imaging systems across your organization.
  • Signals VitroVivo for profiling image data and hit selection.


Cellular imaging reagents
Our PhenoVue suite of cellular imaging reagents provides bright dyes for high-quality images, and includes cell painting kits, organelle and cell compartment stains, fluorescent labeled secondary antibodies, and more.


Benefit from higher throughput, improved productivity, reduced variability, savings on reagent costs and more, by automating your Operetta CLS or Opera Phenix Plus system.

  • Integrate with the plate::handler Flex system for automated plate loading to enable overnight runs
  • Automate your entire high-content screening workflows with explorer™ G3 automated workstations.


PhenoPlate microplates have been developed and validated specifically for high-content analysis and screening applications, with a unique patented design for high-content imaging readers.


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High-Content Analysis (HCA) or High-Content Screening (HCS) combines high-throughput automated imaging and analysis to extract quantitative multi-parametric dat ...


Live-Cell Imaging Instruments

生命科学研究实验室研究细胞行为和通路从而更深入地理解功能、疾病机制和对治疗的反应。而活细胞成像是从珍贵的细胞样本中获取最大信息的重要工具。 不同于传统的终点法细胞检测提供的指定时间点细胞反应的的快照,活细胞成像可提供扰动效应的完整动态过程的视频。同时为了从细胞中获取最相关和最可靠的数据,细胞也要能够随着时间的推移保持活 ...



用常规方法进行蛋白和核酸的准确定量分析是比较困难的。我们的TSA试剂盒可以大幅提升免疫组化、免疫荧光和原位杂交的信号强度,并且对检测设备无特殊要求。 我们也可以在单张图像上实现七色(含DAPI)复染的多标记蛋白检测。其工作流程与标准的免疫组化方案类似,而且不必担心抗体物种来源造成的交叉干扰,全部选用效率最高的抗体完成多 ...


Microplates Imaging

Out of focus images and inaccurate data collection are common issues caused by microplates that have not been specifically designed for the unique challenges of ...



获取、保存、可视化和量化你的图像数据,然后安全的进行数据分享和保存。同时保证快速便捷的数据接入。 PerkinELmer 提供了复杂细胞模型的成像功能以及相应的分析软件帮助您实施更高质量、更快速研究工作,帮助您更高效的进行研究工作。 我们可靠的数据分析软件能有效的分析关联TB级别细胞学成像和分析科研数据信息。



The cell::explorer™ cellular application workstation is designed to integrate automated high-throughput cellular screening multiple detection methods. Cell Cult ...


Cellular Imaging Applications

Discover how Revvity high-content screening solutions can benefit your research in both new and established applications. From everyday assays to the most deman ...


3D 细胞培养和分析定量

3D 微组织的大量应用已经成为建立高生物相关型形态和功能模型的关键,这一模型对于明确组织形态,疾病机制研究,药物研发和组织工程都具有重大意义。 Perkinelmer 为3D 微组织应用提供了完整的解决方案,从3D微组织培养,代谢性评估试剂到先进的高内涵成像分析平台。


Nexcelom Cell Counters & Image Cytometers

Nexcelom from Revvity cell counters & image cytometers provide a fast and efficient way to assess cell health and viability, immunophenotyping, and more routine ...