Cellular Imaging & Analysis

With more than a decade of experience in this field, PerkinElmer provides a portfolio of cellular Imaging products - high-content and live-cell imaging instruments, image analysis software, fluorescent probes and automation - to help you answer complex biological questions.

From basic research to assay development and screening, our cellular imaging products are designed to help you take your research further, in less time than ever before. Our cellular imaging product range includes:

High-content analysis and high-content screening systems

Both our Opera Phenix® Plus and Operetta CLS high-content imaging systems incorporate confocal spinning disk technology and produce images of exceptional quality.

  • The Opera Phenix Plus high-content screening system is our premier, high-throughput confocal microplate imaging instrument. With innovative optics, extremely sensitive confocal imaging, and multi-camera simultaneous acquisition for high-throughput, it is designed to generate rich information from your most demanding high-content applications, including 3D microtissue and spheroid imaging. It can also be equipped with an optional liquid handling module for fast live-cell assays.
  • The Operetta CLS high-content analysis system is a medium throughput microplate imaging instrument that delivers the speed and sensitivity for everyday assays, and even complex challenges – live cells, phenotyping, rare events, and much more.

The systems can be configured to your requirements, and optional upgrades such as gas and temperature control are also available, depending on your base model.

Live cell imaging systems

Unlike traditional fixed-endpoint cell assays, which give you a point-in-time snapshot of cellular responses, live-cell imaging provides a fuller picture of the effects of perturbations. But to wrest the most relevant and robust data from your cells, they must be kept viable over time. Our dedicated MuviCyte live-cell imaging system, designed to operate inside your cell-culture incubator, enables you to maintain your cells under optimal conditions and perform a wide range of assays in a variety of culture vessels.

Cell Counters & Image Cytometers

Nexcelom from PerkinElmer cell counters & image cytometers provide a fast and efficient way to assess cell health and viability, immunophenotyping, and more routine cell imaging assays that don’t require sub-cellular resolution.

Imaging and analysis software

  • Harmony® software enables you to control every aspect of your high-content analysis or screening experiment through a single workflow-based user interface. The software enables you to discriminate phenotypes reliably, analyze even the most complex cellular models in 3D, and turn your biological data into discovery.
  • With Signals Image Artist, you can access, analyze, store, re-analyze, and share image data from PerkinElmer and other HCS and cellular imaging systems across your organization.
  • Use with Signals VitroVivo for profiling image data and hit selection.

Cellular Imaging Reagents

Our PhenoVue suite of cellular imaging reagents – from cell painting kits to organelle and cell compartment stains to fluorescent labelled secondary antibodies – complements our proven high-content screening instruments and image analysis software. Working together to deliver reliable, accurate, physiologically relevant results, our portfolio of cellular imaging reagents, microplates, imaging instruments, image analysis software, and automation is designed to streamline your high-content workflows and lead you to breakthroughs faster.


Benefit from higher throughput, improved productivity, reduced variability, savings on reagent costs and more, by automating your Operetta CLS or Opera Phenix Plus system. Integrate with the plate::handler Flex system for automated plate loading to enable overnight runs, or automate your entire high-content screening workflows with explorer G3 automated workstations.


For best results, use microplates from our range which have been developed and validated specifically for high-content analysis and screening applications, such as our PhenoPlates (formerly CellCarrier Ultra) microplates with a unique patented design for high-content imaging readers.

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