Cellular Imaging Reagents

PerkinElmer's PhenoVue suite of cellular imaging reagents – including cell painting kits, organelle and cell compartment stains, fluorescent-labeled secondary antibodies, and cell function reagents – complements our proven high-content screening instruments and image analysis software.

Cellular imaging enables the detection and analysis of a myriad of cellular components from macromolecules to organelles and cell compartments. Applicable to virtually all areas of biological research, cellular imaging is widely exploited by the scientific community, accelerating molecular and physiological understanding across a broad range of normal and disease-related cellular models.

Working together to deliver reliable, accurate, physiologically relevant results, our portfolio of cellular imaging reagents, microplates, imaging instruments, image analysis software, and automation is designed to streamline your high-content workflows and lead you to breakthroughs faster.

We also offer a range of GrowDex® hydrogels for scalable animal-free culture of 3D cell models such as spheroids and organoids, organ-on-a-chip, and applications such as drug release studies.

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Explore our Cellular Imaging Reagents

PhenoVue Cell Painting Kits

Cell Painting is a powerful and new phenotypic high-content screening approach which combines cell and computational biology to unravel cells responses when sub ...

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PhenoVue Cell Function Reagents and Kits

PerkinElmer offers a complete suite of cell function reagents and kits for visualizing key cellular events including viability, apoptosis, mitochondrial membran ...

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PhenoVue Fluorescent Probes for Organelles & Subcellular Compartments

Cellular imaging techniques, such as high-content analysis, rely on the ability to detect and distinguish between specific cellular compartments and organelles. ...

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PhenoVue Fluorescent Secondary Antibodies

Fluorescent secondary antibodies are everyday tools for researchers performing high-content analysis, cellular imaging, flow cytometry, and western blotting. Th ...

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PhenoVue Complementary Reagents

PhenoVue™ complementary reagents are designed for use with PhenoVue cell painting kits, fluorescent probes for organelles & subcellular compartments, cell funct ...

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ImagAmp Signal Amplification Reagents

Measure what was previously undetectable in high content screening (HCS) immunofluorescence assays with PerkinElmer’s HCA ImagAmp™ kits, which leverage our prop ...

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GrowDex Hydrogels

How to use Growdex hydrogels We offer a range of products for scalable animal-free 3D cell culture applications, providing convenience and consistent results. G ...

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Explore our Cellular Imaging Instruments, Microplates and Software

Cellular Imaging Software

PerkinElmer offers sophisticated cellular imaging and analysis software to help you acquire, visualize, analyze and share your image data more effectively and e ...

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High Content Screening Instruments

High-Content Analysis (HCA) or High-Content Screening (HCS) combines high-throughput automated imaging and analysis to extract quantitative multi-parametric dat ...

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Microplates Imaging

Out of focus images and inaccurate data collection are common issues caused by microplates that have not been specifically designed for the unique challenges of ...

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