PerkinELmer 提供了复杂细胞模型的成像功能以及相应的分析软件帮助您实施更高质量、更快速研究工作,帮助您更高效的进行研究工作。


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"细胞成像软件" 1-33 产品与服务

Harmony Software 1

Harmony High-Content Imaging and Analysis Software

Easily quantify complex cellular phenotypes with Harmony high-content analysis software. Harmony software is designed for Operetta CLS and Opera Phenix high-content screening systems.

Coming soon!
Our forthcoming release includes an updated version of PreciScan, which significantly reduces imaging times and data volumes for 3D cell models grown in hydrogels.

Phenologic 1

PhenoLOGIC Machine Learning

PhenoLOGIC enables biologists using Harmony to train the software to develop the image analysis algorithms. While other systems may require an image analysis expert to create an algorithm, PhenoLOGIC uses proprietary machine-learning technology to make it easy for you to do it on your own. Using a learn-by-example approach, images can be segmented with just a few clicks of the mouse and then tailored algorithms developed quickly and easily.
PreciScan intelligent acquisition software lets you first pre-scan at low magnification

PreciScan Intelligent Acquisition

Harness the power of intelligent image acquisition with PreciScan for more efficient high-content imaging and analysis. This optional plug-in for Harmony high-content analysis software enables you to more accurately target your object of interest for significantly reduced acquisition and analysis times, particularly valuable for 3D microtissue and rare event studies.

"细胞成像软件" 1-33 产品与服务