Drug discovery automation solutions

Drug Discovery Workflows

Drug discovery workflows require tools and technologies that can support a broad range of current and future applications including multiple microplate formats, liquid transfer volumes, and detection based read-out methods. The explorer G3 integrated HTS workstations are designed to fulfill these diverse needs.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Integrated Laboratory Automation Solutions for Drug Discovery

Cloning and plasmid extraction workstation

Cloning & Plasmid Extraction

Cloning & Transfection into E. coli;  Plasmid Extraction using Macherey-Nagel NucloSpin® Kit

This explorer G3 workstation has been configured to automate cloning, transfection, and extraction of plasmid DNA.

Configuration Requirements:

HTS workstation for drug discovery

High Throughput Screening

This explorer G3 workstation was designed to accommodate a broad range of HT screening technologies.

Configuration Requirements:

  • Support for wide range of biochemical as well as imaging based screening technologies, all necessary key instruments fully integrated
  • Highly flexible platform supporting parallel method execution, independent (offline) use of detection instruments
  • Supports for 96, 384 and 1536-well plates
  • Integrated Opera® Phenix high content imager
  • Integrated EnVision® HTS Multimode Reader
  • Integrated Operetta CLS high content imaging reader
  • Beckman®/Labcyte® ECHO® for nL drug transfer
  • Automated incubator and plate hotel
  • Choice of integrated dispenser (3x unit stacked) and supporting instruments (Sealer, peeler, centrifuge)
  • Laser barcode reader for sample tracking
  • plate::works scheduling software

Automated synthetic biology workstation

Synthetic Biology

High-Throughput enzyme stability and activity testing, bacteria culturing, colony picking

This explorer G3 workstation was configured to automate the picking and cultivation of bacteria and yeast colonies and to test for activity.

Configuration Requirements:

  • Integrated JANUS® G3 Mini 8-tip and JANUS® G3 Mini MDT liquid handling workstations
  • Integrated EnVison® Multimode reader
  • Integrated KBioSystem® K6-3 colony picker
  • Integrated Hettich® Rotata centrifuge
  • Integrated Liconic® STX44 incubator with shaking option
  • Integrated Brooks® Xpeel® plate seal remover
  • Integrated Agilent® Technologies PlateLoc sealer
  • Integrated Scinomix® Sci-Print MP barcode labeler
  • Random access storage racks
  • Lid handler
  • Laser barcode reader for sample tracking
  • System enclosure with HEPA Filter
  • plate::works scheduling software

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