3D cell culture automation solutions

High-Throughput Cellular Workflows

The cell::explorer cellular application workstation is designed to integrate automated high-throughput cellular screening multiple detection methods.

Cell Culture and Viral Amplification

Using a virus vector system to infect cells and produce the target proteins, the cell::explorer cellular application workstation is able to provide cell cultivation, transfection, viability and GFP expression detection in one single platform.

Stem Cell Cultivation & Phenotypic Screening

Accurate high throughput stem cell phenotypic screening provides researchers valuable insight on how complex compound matrices effect cell culture or the differentiation process. The cell::explorer workstation contains a HEPA filtration enclosure to prevent sample contamination.

Cell Line Screening and Cherry Picking

To increase productivity some biotechnology companies require their instruments to perform with a 24 / 7 operating capacity. We developed a cell::explorer workstation platform that could support both cell line screening and cherry picking application techniques in a standardized operating environment.

High-throughput Cellular Workflows Spotlight


The Laboratory Workforce Is Shrinking

Automation enables labs to deliver timely results without sacrificing quality despite staff shortages and increasing workloads.

plate::handler FLEX Plate Feeding Solution

Revvity can offer a two turn-key plate::handler™ FLEX plate feeding solutions designed to provide walk-away automation for Fixed Cell Screening and Live Cell Sc ...

explorer G3 Workstation - Custom, Modular Automation Solutions

explorer™ G3 workstation comprises a hardware and software platform which can be freely configured to create modular, bespoken automation solutions.

Cell Painting

Cell Painting is a powerful phenotypic high-content screening approach which combines cell and computational biology to unravel cells' responses when subjected to perturbagens. explorer G3 Cell Painting workstation provides a an integrated, turn-key solution to automate cell painting assays using our  PhenoVue Cell Painting Kits with image acquisition on our Opera Phenix® Plus high content imager.

3D Cell Culture / High Content Screening

This workstation enables automated high-throughput, high content screening of drug candidates using 3D printed organoids.

Configuration Requirements:

  • Full enclosure with HEPA® Fan Filter Units
  • Integrated Opera® Phenix high content imager
  • Integrated EnVision® HTS Multimode Reader
  • Integrated JANUS® liquid handling workstation
  • BioFluidx BioSpot® Custom Dispenser
  • Agilent® Technologies centrifuge
  • Automated Plate Incubator & Hotel
  • Automated Plate Sealer
  • Automated Plate Peeler
  • Laser barcode reader for sample tracking
  • plate::works scheduling software

High Content Screening / Cellular Screening / CRISPR / Phenotypic Screening

This explorer G3 workstation was designed to accommodate a broad range of HCS screening technologies.

Configuration Requirements:

  • Support for a wide range of imaging based screening technologies, all necessary key instruments fully integrated
  • Highly flexible platform supporting parallel method execution, independent (offline) use of imager and multi-mode reader
  • Support for 96- and 384-well plates
  • Integrated Opera® Phenix high content imaging reader
  • Integrated EnSight Multimode Reader
  • Integrated JANUS® 8-tip and MDT(96/384) liquid handling workstation
  • Integrated incubator and plate hotel
  • Choice of integrated dispenser and supporting instruments (Sealer, peeler, centrifuge)
  • Laser barcode reader for sample tracking
  • plate::works scheduling software

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