3D cell culture automation solutions

High-Throughput Cellular Workflows

PerkinElmer's lab automation experts have extensive experience developing integrated workstations automating cell-based assays. With in-house solutions offering unbiased imaging of multiple cellular samples for high content analysis and screening, We have the scientific background to provide solutions that address the full breadth of your scientific requirements.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

High-throughput Cellular Workflows Spotlight


The Laboratory Workforce Is Shrinking

Automation enables labs to deliver timely results without sacrificing quality despite staff shortages and increasing workloads.
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plate::handler FLEX Plate Feeding Solution

PerkinElmer can offer a two turn-key plate::handler™ FLEX plate feeding solutions designed to provide walk-away automation for Fixed Cell Screening and Live Cel ...
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explorer G3 Workstation - Custom, Modular Automation Solutions

explorer™ G3 workstation comprises a hardware and software platform which can be freely configured to create modular, bespoken automation solutions.
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Automated cell painting workstation

Cell Painting

Cell Painting is a powerful phenotypic high-content screening approach which combines cell and computational biology to unravel cells' responses when subjected to perturbagens. explorer G3 Cell Painting workstation provides a an integrated, turn-key solution to automate cell painting assays using our  PhenoVue Cell Painting Kits with image acquisition on our Opera Phenix® Plus high content imager.

High throughput cell culture workstation

3D Cell Culture / High Content Screening

This workstation enables automated high-throughput, high content screening of drug candidates using 3D printed organoids.

Configuration Requirements:

  • Full enclosure with HEPA® Fan Filter Units
  • Integrated Opera® Phenix high content imager
  • Integrated EnVision® HTS Multimode Reader
  • Integrated JANUS® liquid handling workstation
  • BioFluidx BioSpot® Custom Dispenser
  • Agilent® Technologies centrifuge
  • Automated Plate Incubator & Hotel
  • Automated Plate Sealer
  • Automated Plate Peeler
  • Laser barcode reader for sample tracking
  • plate::works scheduling software

Workstation for HCS screening

High Content Screening / Cellular Screening / CRISPR / Phenotypic Screening

This explorer G3 workstation was designed to accommodate a broad range of HCS screening technologies.

Configuration Requirements:

  • Support for a wide range of imaging based screening technologies, all necessary key instruments fully integrated
  • Highly flexible platform supporting parallel method execution, independent (offline) use of imager and multi-mode reader
  • Support for 96- and 384-well plates
  • Integrated Opera® Phenix high content imaging reader
  • Integrated EnSight Multimode Reader
  • Integrated JANUS® 8-tip and MDT(96/384) liquid handling workstation
  • Integrated incubator and plate hotel
  • Choice of integrated dispenser and supporting instruments (Sealer, peeler, centrifuge)
  • Laser barcode reader for sample tracking
  • plate::works scheduling software

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