In Vivo Imaging Software

PerkinElmer为小动物活体成像提供了最人性化的操作软件,包括图像获取软件及数据分析软件。借助Living Image、TureQuant、AccuCT等软件,您即可进行的二维、三维或多模式的图像获取,又能够进行相关的图像优化处理及数据深入分析。


Living Image® Analysis Software

Designed for use with Revvity's IVIS® optical imaging systems, Living Image enables you to analyze 2D and 3D optical imaging data from your animal models with ease. With features such as wizard guidance for acquisition parameter setup and co-registration with other imaging modalities, Living Image allows you to seamlessly capture, visualize and analyze your 2D or 3D optical data to facilitate your drug discovery & development and biology research.

  • 2D bioluminescence and fluorescence image analysis with specific longitudinal data analysis tools including intuitive Region of Interest (ROI) tool to facilitate quick and easy quantitation of your calibrated data.
  • Patented Compute Pure Spectra Algorithms allow you to generate and save custom probe libraries for sensitive spectral unmixing analysis.
  • 3D bioluminescence and fluorescence imaging data generation and analysis with One Click 3D reconstructions, 3D ROI, visualization and animation tools.


Multimodality Imaging Software

Maximize your data and gain unique insights into your research by combining images from multiple modalities, including optical, microCT, and PET. Co-registration allows researchers to overlay images from multiple imaging modalities, providing more comprehensive insight into the molecular and anatomical features of a model subject.



Analyze Software

For use with many modalities including microCT, Analyze is a set of advanced image processing, visualization and analysis software tools that provides you access to a breadth of essential post-processing functions critical for your innovative research.

  • Powerful, comprehensive visualization and analysis suite for multi-dimensional data
  • Segment, co-register and analyze data from most imaging modalities

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