Infectious Disease Research

Infectious diseases continue to take a toll on human health, affecting all aspects of our lives.  Fast development of preventative vaccines and therapeutic treatments has become imperative as the increased globalization of our modern world enables the rapid spread of infectious diseases.

Persistent use of antibiotics has provoked the emergence of multidrug resistant bacteria, creating therapeutic challenges that need to be adressed by the development of novel therapeutics or combination therapies.  

We offer a diverse product portfolio that helps scientists make critical discoveries through genomic analysis, in vitro, cell-based, and in vivo studies, accelerating their ability to develop treatments and vaccines.

On Target

Pathogen Genomics

Genetic information from viruses, bacteria and other infectious organisms plays a crucial role in diagnosing infection, investigating outbreaks, describing transmission patterns, monitoring antimicrobial resistance and last but not least, developing interventions such as vaccines. Next-generation-sequencing has made it possible, to investigate pathogens as well as mirobiome genomes at much greater detail and throughput.


Host Pathogen-Interactions

Understanding host-pathogen interactions on a molecular, cellular or organism level is the basis for developing effective new treatments. To achieve physiological relevant results, today’s infectious disease research moves towards more complex disease models such as co-cultures or organoids that better resemble in vivo biology. Whether you want to analyze infection of cellular models or in vivo models, or study protein:protein interactions and identify PPI inhibitors, we provide the reagents, instruments and software you need to enable these applications.

Immune Response

When a pathogen infects the human body, a battle ensues between the host’s innate & adaptive immune systems and the pathogen’s virulence mechanisms and factors. Pathways such as MAP kinase, JAK/STAT, and NFκB play a central role in the antiviral immune response along with ligands such as IL-6, TNFα, and the INFs (-γ, -α, -β, and -λ). PerkinElmer offers a wide range of reagents, detection and imaging instruments enabling to study the antiviral immune response both in vitro and in vivo.

Drug Discovery

Antimicrobial research and drug discovery requires sensitive and reliable technologies to detect microbial growth and measure antimicrobial effects. We provide solutions to measure bacterial growth or viral titers, perform target-based, high-throughput drug screens or phenotypic screening and characterize bacterial phenotypes for antimicrobial resistance research using high-content analysis.


Viral Diseases and Vaccines

Continued discovery of new antiviral medications and vaccines is important for global human health, particularly as new viruses such as the novel Coronavirus or novel Influenza viruses can emerge quickly. We offer solutions for measuring virus neutralization, antiviral compound effects, antiviral immune response or for studying cytokine storm, which is associated with COVID-19.


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我们的高内涵筛选分析系统可满足您实验所需的灵敏度和速度,快速检测更多样品,并通过高内涵筛选分析获取更多参数。 我们的高内涵筛选分析系统可帮助您从错综复杂的生物学问题中找到答案,凭借功能强大且界面友好的成像和分析功能,该系统可灵活适用于从基础科研到实验模型开发以及药物筛选的一系列应用。功能强大的高内涵显微镜系统将为您提供 ...


Live-Cell Imaging Instruments

生命科学研究实验室研究细胞行为和通路从而更深入地理解功能、疾病机制和对治疗的反应。而活细胞成像是从珍贵的细胞样本中获取最大信息的重要工具。 不同于传统的终点法细胞检测提供的指定时间点细胞反应的的快照,活细胞成像可提供扰动效应的完整动态过程的视频。同时为了从细胞中获取最相关和最可靠的数据,细胞也要能够随着时间的推移保持活 ...



获取、保存、可视化和量化你的图像数据,然后安全的进行数据分享和保存。同时保证快速便捷的数据接入。 PerkinELmer 提供了复杂细胞模型的成像功能以及相应的分析软件帮助您实施更高质量、更快速研究工作,帮助您更高效的进行研究工作。 我们可靠的数据分析软件能有效的分析关联TB级别细胞学成像和分析科研数据信息。



Drug discovery is a complex, costly, and time-consuming undertaking. And for research scientists, high-throughput screening is where the journey to discovery be ...



我们提供适合任何实验室各种应用需求的多模式微孔板读板仪。每一款读板仪都具有业内领先的检测技术,因此无论您选择任何一款仪器,您都可获得针对您应用的最佳检测性能。 VICTOR X 微孔板读板仪 市场上第一台多功能微孔板读板仪,VICTOR™ X 系列具有多种检测功能,性能可靠,为各种规模的实验室提供集灵活性、高速度和高性 ...



利用我们简单易用的自动化液体处理解决方案加速您的生命科学研究:从工作台到诊所。 由基因组学、生物治疗学、高通量筛查、以及高含量分析领域大量经过验证的科学专业知识进行设计并作为支持,我们的各种可适应性液体处理平台和它们推动的科学研究一样具有动态性。我们的下一代测序自动化液体处理文库制备解决方案通过现今的测序技术消除了处理 ...


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