JANUS Liquid Handler Workstations


The JANUS® G3 automated liquid handling workstations offer flexible automated sample preparation solutions to meet your specific application needs. The JANUS G3 portfolio includes both dedicated, application-specific workstations and personalized automated solutions.

The JANUS G3 workstation can be configured based on the size of the instrument, pipetting armtechnology, labware movement options, and a number of other accessories to fully automate your application. To accommodate your choice of deck size and pipetting arm, PerkinElmer offers four different versions of the JANUS automated workstation; the JANUS G3 Mini, Standard, Expanded, and Integrator workstations. These JANUS G3 workstations offer flexibility in throughput, capacity, and dynamic volume range to meet your needs.

We recommend using PerkinElmer branded pipette tips with your liquid handler. Our tips have been carefully designed and produced to stringent standards of quality to ensure maximum accuracy and precision, and are the only tips guaranteed to work on PerkinElmer liquid handlers.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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  • JANUS® G3 Mini Workstation, 8-Tip

    Available to support volumes ranging from 1 μL to 5000 μL and offering 4 or 8 variable spanning pipetting configurations, the JANUS G3 Mini workstation is a fully capable, compact, and user-friendly automated liquid handling system.

    With its support for up to 12 SBS deck locations, this workstation can easily be configured to execute various applications, including master mix creation, plate arrays, plate preparation, PCR, sample or reagent serial dilutions, and more!

    For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

  • JANUS® G3 NGS Express Workstation

    JANUS G3 NGS Express™工作站:适合台式测序仪的文库制备。NGS Express可进行多达24个文库的制备,并支持Life Technologies的Ion Torrent PGM™测序仪以及来自Illumina的MiSeq测序仪的应用。
  • CLS154586

    Flatbed 2D Scanner Kit for JANUS® G3 Blood iQ™ Workstations

    This flatbed scanner kit enables fast identification of a rack of 2D-barcoded sample storage tubes. This accessory allows the JANUS G3 Blood iQ Workstation to record and track downstream sample tubes.
  • JANUS table

    Instrument Table for JANUS® G3 Workstations

    This table is specifically designed to hold the JANUS® G3 Workstation and has compartments for organizing the under-table hardware.

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