The research and development pipeline of a new drug can be a long and complex process, and researchers need to navigate a challenging path to bring effective therapies from bench to bedside. From basic research through to the development of new drugs, our scientific product portfolio and solutions support researchers in addressing current and emerging challenges at each stage toward commercialization. With a comprehensive offering of detection and imaging systems, assays and reagents, automation solutions and informatics we support researchers every step of the way to streamline workflows and advance research possibilities from idea to market.

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New Insights into Lung Cancer Evolution Could Help Researchers Tackle Tumor Resistance

One of the major challenges in oncology research today is the ability of tumors to evolve drug resistance. For researchers in the field, tackling cancer resista ...

Repurpose, Reuse, Rediscover Drugs for COVID-19 Treatments

COVID-19 is a difficult disease to understand and treat. Using drugs that are already on the market was the quickest path forward to evaluate these compounds an ...

Improving Drug Safety Through Cardiotoxicity Assessment

The pharmaceutical industry is under huge pressure to address the high attrition rates in drug development. With around 90% of candidates failing during clinica ...

Identifying the Best AAV Vectors for Safer, More Potent, and Reliable Therapeutic Performance

Gene therapy addresses the underlying genetic anomaly by correcting the mutation using gene-editing tools deployed via delivery vehicles. Recombinant viral vect ...

Cell Painting - A Practical Approach

Cell Painting is a phenotypic screening method and a powerful application of high-content screening technology. Specific cellular compartments and organelles ar ...

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