Luminescence Assays


Luciferase assays allow for the study of transcriptional gene expression, virus life cycles, and cell viability, making them significant tools for drug development in reporter gene, cytotoxicity, and cell proliferation applications, as well as general kinase activity monitoring. Our luminescence assays include reporter gene, ATP-monitoring, and kinase assays.  

A luminescence assay is extremely useful as a detection platform for several reasons, including:

  • Wide dynamic range
  • Greater sensitivity than fluorescence technologies
  • Lower interference than other detection options
  • Cost effective detection
  • Simple automation for high throughput applications
  • Homogenous luciferase assay set-up eliminates wash and separation steps  

Our luciferase luminescence assay options allow high sensitivity in a convenient microplate format.

Reporter gene assay
Reporter gene assay

Reporter Gene Assays

Whether your assay requires the sensitivity provided by high signal intensity, or the flexibility of an extended signal half-life, PerkinElmer provides a solution.
ATPlite assay principle
ATPlite assay principle

Cytotoxicity and Cell Proliferation

For fast, reliable detection of ATP for cell quantitation, our innovative luminescence technologies that measure cell proliferation and cytotoxicity in mammalian cells based on the detection of ATP using firefly luciferase.
easylite kinase
easylite kinase

Kinase Activity

For fast, reliable detection of any kinase activity in a one-step, homogeneous assay format.
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