For reliable mercury analysis, we offer several options to meet your needs.

Laboratories already using a PerkinElmer AA, ICP-OES or ICP-MS instrument for inorganic elemental analyses can leverage the capabilities of our fully-integrated and automated flow injection accessories (FIAS 100/400).

For those preferring a dedicated mercury analyzer, we offer compact, reliable and easy-to-operate flow injection mercury analysis systems (FIMS 100/400).

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"汞分析系统" 1-22 产品与服务

FIMS-400 Flow Injection Mercury Analyzer

FIMS Flow Injection Mercury System

The FIMS is a compact, easy-to-operate mercury analyzer with an integrated flow injection system for cold vapor mercury AA.
FIAS-400 Flow Injection System

FIAS Flow Injection System

The FIAS is a fully integrated and automated flow injection mercury/hydride analysis system that provides new levels of automation and sample handling for AA, ICP and ICP-MS, dramatically increasing laboratory productivity and capability.

"汞分析系统" 1-22 产品与服务